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loading dock

Loading Dock Safety Tips

Working in dangerous industries comes with a unique set of rules that must be followed to protect workers from harm. From protective gear to safety training and compliance rules, businesses that have loading docks must comply at all times. The nature of this work, with so many moving parts, heavy crates, and containers as well […]
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woman working tired

Work Exhaustion Is a Serious Problem

In today’s demanding and fast pace business landscape employers are tasked with pushing the limits of efficiency and doing more with less. On the receiving end of these demands are employees who worried about becoming unemployed are overworking themselves and reducing their productivity as a result and costing the company more money in the long […]
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Construction site

How to Avoid Serious Danger at Your Workplace

Most of today’s workforce is heading to work each day knowing that environment is safe and has their best interests in mind. Thanks to OSHA and other organizations, there are many rules and regulations in place for providing a safe workplace. However, that doesn’t mean accidents won’t happen. The best way to prevent dangers in […]
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forklift operator in warehouse

Forklift Safety Tips

Warehouse workers make up an increasingly large part of the workforce across the country.  Safety at these facilities is closely monitored by OSHA which puts strict guidelines in place to ensure the workers have a safe environment to work in. As one of the industries with the highest rate of fatalities, it’s especially important that […]
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outdoor work while sweating

Beat the Heat! Advisory for Outdoor Workers Released

Heat-related illnesses plague employees responsible for working outdoors as temperatures heat-up. In California, where the weather forecasts reach over 100 degrees, the dangers become even greater and can lead to serious illness and even death. That puts employers in a position to ensure their workers have the proper protections and procedures in place to work in […]
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Cutting metal

OSHA Enforcing Occupational Exposure to Beryllium Standard

Keeping up with OSHA standards isn’t only important for compliance, it also protects workplaces and their employees from injuries and other harmful risks. To ensure workers remain safe, OSHA is always reviewing and revising standards to increase efficiency. We are now less than 10 days away from the official start of OSHA’s enforcement on the […]
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construction worker

Cal/OSHA Serious About Fall Protection

Falls in the workplace are one of the most common injuries and the cause of numerous deaths. With this startling reality, it’s more important than ever for employers to set rules in place that help protect employees from falling. Fall Protections in Construction In construction jobs, this risk is increased due to the very nature […]
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Disaster Planning for Your Southern California Factory

In our current world, with disasters happening regularly, it’s more important than ever for employers and especially manufacturing facilities, to have emergency plans in place. If your factory operates in California then there is even greater risk due to the likelihood of earthquakes, wildfires and other disasters. Hiccups in production lines – even minute, can […]
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Keeping Your Commercial Kitchen Safe in Southern California

As a thriving business in southern California, you likely know just how important it is to run an efficient and safe operations. If your business in the food service industry, you’ll also have added health and regulatory rules to follow. With a number of possible injuries and risk that can happen, it’s critical to keep […]
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Taking Steps to Reduce Eye Injuries in the Workplace

As today’s workforce continues to advance at rapid speeds – we’re doing more with less unlike ever before – there are still issues that plague many and cannot go ignored. Eye safety for example, is still a very large concern for workplaces across the U.S. because they lead to serious medical expenses, productivity loss and […]
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