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The Most Common First Aid Scenarios Faced by Businesses

Businesses that are focused on their employees have successful outcomes in various facets of the organization, from loyalty to productivity, and increased profits. But ensuring employees are satisfied and productive is only a piece of the relationship. Companies are also obligated to keep employees safe while on their premises. Whether that job involves sitting at […]
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Qualitative vs. Quantitative Respirator Fit Testing

Going to work every day should feel safe. Even if you’re working in labor intensive places like for a construction company, or dealing with harmful chemicals, putting yourself in harm’s way with no protection should never be a requirement of the gig. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is setup to ensure this is […]
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What Is Respirator Fit Testing?

OSHA requirements demand that employers provide full-face or half-face respirators “to protect employees from breathing contaminated and/or oxygen-deficient air when effective engineering controls are not feasible, or while they are being instituted.” Certain industries may have specific requirements for respirators and other respiratory protection. One thing that’s constant, thought, is the [...]
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Wildfire Preparedness for Your Southern California Business

It’s wildfire season here on the West Coast, and fires are currently blazing across the state. Even at the best of times, Southern California is one of the regions in the country most at-risk for wildfires. If you’re a business owner in Southern California, it’s essential that you are prepared for wildfires in case they […]
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Cal/OSHA Workplace First Aid Kit Requirements

If you grew up with an overly cautious parent, then you know well enough what a first aid kit looks like. Traditionally in a tin white box, all the necessities for injuries like bandages, thermometers, medicinal ointments are included in this box. At some point, it might have even come in handy and shown you […]
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First Aid Delivery Services for Your Southern California Business

If you run a Southern California business, you want to keep your employees safe and healthy. A wide range of injuries can occur without warning, so you need to be prepared to respond immediately. If someone gets injured while on the job, it may not be possible to get to a hospital right away. Receiving […]
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