If a natural disaster, such as an earthquake, occurs, you might not be able to stay in your Southern California home. Be prepared with an emergency shelter from Respond Systems. You can stay safe from the elements in a tube tent or outdoor shelter with a tarp, a sleeping/survival bag, and Mylar blankets. Keep warm with heat packs or hand warmers and stay dry under a poncho with hood.


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Emergency Mylar Blanket

emergency mylar blanket


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10’x12′ Blue Poly Tarp

blue poly tarp


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Mylar Sleeping/Survival Bag

emergency mylar survival bag


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Heat Packs / Hand Warmers

heat packs hand warmers


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Poncho w/Hood

emergency poncho with hood


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Privacy Shelter

privacy shelter


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Outdoor Shelter

emergency shelter


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Tube Tent

tube tent


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