Burn Care


Burns can occur at home in the kitchen or at a job site that involves cooking, construction, welding, or working with flammable materials. Be prepared with first aid supplies that will allow you to treat burns until it is possible to seek formal medical attention.

Respond Systems offers Southern California home and business owners a collection of burn care products, including burn spray; BurnAid dressings, gel, and packets; cold spray; and Water-Jel blankets and burn kits. Be sure to stock your first aid kit with these essential burn care supplies.


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BurnAid 4×4 Dressing

burnaid 4x4 burn dressing


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Water-Jel Burn Kits

water-jel burn kits


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Water-Jel Dressings

water-jel dressings


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BurnAid Packets

burnaid packets


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Burn Cream w/Lidocaine

burn cream with lidocaine


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Water-Jel Blankets

water-jel fire blankets


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Burn Spray

safetec burn spray


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BurnAid Burn Gel

burnaid burn gel


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Cold Spray

cold spray


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