First Aid Cabinets


Get everything you need in one place with Respond Systems’ comprehensive wall-mounted first aid kits and cabinets.

We provide empty or fully stocked three-, four-, and five-shelf cabinets to meet every client’s level of need, and offer a convenient supply restock service so your cabinet is never empty.  OSHA regulations require that all workplaces have adequate first aid supplies readily available – Respond Systems’ first aid cabinets are made with just this in mind. Our full first aid cabinets are ideal for larger business and those with a higher risk of injury, such as factories and kitchens. Respond Systems can also provide restocking services for first aid kits to provide convenient peace of mind.

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2-Shelf Cabinet

2 shelf first aid cabinet


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3-Shelf Cabinet

3 shelf first aid cabinet


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4-Shelf Cabinet

4 shelf first aid cabinet


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5-Shelf Cabinet

5 shelf first aid cabinet


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