OTC Remedies


A cold, the flu, or a headache can strike an employee at any time and make it hard to do a job well. Be prepared to help your staff if they are not feeling 100 percent by stocking your first aid cabinet with a selection of over-the-counter medicines.

Our first aid kids include a variety of medications used to treat common problems, such as a headache, cold, flu, cough, and stomach ache. These OTC medicines are available individually wrapped to help your employees feel better quickly.


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Decongestant, Cold/Sinus

decongestant cold/sinus tablets


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Anti-Diarrheal Tablets

anti-diarrheal packets


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Non-Aspirin Extra Strength

non-aspirin acetaminophen


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Electrolyte Tabs Heat Relief

electrolyte heat relief tablets


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Tummy Tabs

chewable tummy tabs


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Back Ache & Muscle Relief

backache and muscle relief


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Antacid Tablets

antacid tablets


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Cherry Cough Drops

cherry cough drops


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Cold Tablets

cold tablets


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Cold/Sinus Tablets

cold sinus tablets


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Honey Lemon Cough Drops

honey lemon cough drops


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