Pain & Illness


Employees can be stricken with pain or minor illnesses at work that can make them less productive and make it a challenge to get through the day. You can help your employees treat pain and illnesses with a collection of over-the-counter medications.

Respond Systems offers a wide array of OTC medications for pain and minor illnesses. Stock your Southern California workplace’s first aid kit with pain relievers (Tylenol, ibuprofen, Aleve, aspirin), backache and muscle relief products, cold and sinus medications, antacid tablets, cough drops, and other common medications.


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Cramp Tablets

cramp tablets


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Decongestant, Cold/Sinus

decongestant cold/sinus tablets


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Non-Aspirin Extra Strength

non-aspirin acetaminophen


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advil packets


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Alka Seltzer

alka seltzer packets


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Electrolyte Tabs Heat Relief

electrolyte heat relief tablets


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aleve packets


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Back Ache & Muscle Relief

backache and muscle relief


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anacin packets


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Ease II Pain Relief

ease II pain relief


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Effervescent Pain Relief

effervescent pain relief


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motrin packets


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Oral Pain Relief

oral pain relief


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Pepto Bismol

pepto bismol packets


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Antacid Tablets

antacid tablets


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Cherry Cough Drops

cherry cough drops


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Cold Tablets

cold tablets


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Cold/Sinus Tablets

cold sinus tablets


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Decongestant Cold/Sinus

cold sinus decongestant packets


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Honey Lemon Cough Drops

honey lemon cough drops


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Tummy Tabs

chewable tummy tabs


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Anti-Diarrheal Tablets

anti-diarrheal packets


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