Stretchers & Splints


An injured patient may not be able to walk, so your school or job site should be prepared by having a stretcher available. A stretcher will allow employees to carry a disabled co-worker, student, or patient to a safe location where an injury can be treated.

If a person breaks a bone, it might not be possible to get to a hospital immediately. A broken bone can be set temporarily and pain can be reduced by using a splint. Include splints in your Southern California school’s or workplace’s first aid kit to treat a broken bone until the patient is able to receive formal medical attention.


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Wooden Backboard

wood backboard


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Basket Stretcher

basket stretcher


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Deluxe Folding Cot

folding cot


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Maine Folding Cot

maine folding cot


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Emergency Evacuation Chair

emergency evacuation chair


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First Aid Lounge

first aid lounge


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Inflatable Splints Kit

inflatable splints kit


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