Tapes & Gauze


Many minor cuts and scrapes can be treated with gauze and tape. Respond Systems offers a complete line of gauze pads and dressings to cover both large and small wounds. These gauze pads and dressings can be secured with water-resistant tape to ensure that they stay put to provide the best protection possible.

Be prepared to treat cuts and scrapes that might occur at your Southern California home or business or in your vehicle. Stock your first aid kit with gauze and tape from Respond Systems.


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Surgical Tape 1″ Wide

durapore surgical tape


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Ace-Type Wrap

ace bandage wrap


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sensi wrap


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Adhesive Tape

adhesive tape


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Adhesive Triple-Cut Tape

adhesive triple-cut tape


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Bantex Protective Wrap

Bantex protective wrap


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Elastikon-Type Tape

Elastikon type tape


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