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Cal/OSHA Mandates New Recordkeeping Rule (2018)

If you are a California employer with at least 250 employees, you are now required to submit all recorded incidents of workplace injury and illness to Cal/OSHA electronically via form 300A. This rule came into effect on November 1st, 2018, after Cal/OSHA issued a notice of emergency regulation. How To Stay in Compliance Keeping pace […]
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A Simple Guide to Earthquake Safety Drills In The Workplace

October 18, 2018 marks the 10th anniversary of The Great ShakeOut, an annual practice of earthquake safety that occurs across the nation. If you’ve experienced an earthquake before, then you know how scary they can be. Watching the ground shake and rumble often creates confusion and panic; and even if you know what to do, […]
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safety lockout tagout

Lockout – Tagout Facts to Consider

Work in factories, manufacturing facilities and places where dangerous, heavy machinery is being operated is risky. Each day employees put their lives on the line as they operate and maintain these machines. It’s up to employers to protect them while on the job and provide the necessary tools to stay safe. They must also follow critical […]
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construction check list

How to Choose The Right Respiratory Program Administrator

If you work in an industry where toxic substances and insufficient oxygen levels are common, then Cal/OSHA requires you to implement a respiratory protection program. In order to ensure that your employees are as safe as possible while on the job site, it is imperative that you choose the right respiratory program administrator. What Does […]
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work site safety

Employer Reminder: Knowing Cal/OSHA’s Safety Regulations is Vital

There is nothing more important than the safety of your employees. As an employer, you have both a moral and a legal obligation to ensure that your workers’ lives are always prioritized. It doesn’t matter if you work in construction, sales, or nursing: safety is a requirement that is not limited by any particular industry. […]
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workzone safety

What is Safety Culture and Why Should Workplaces Care

Today’s workplaces are under stringent demands to cut costs and deliver quality while still protecting employees from potential harm. A safe workplace requires cooperation from leaders, managers, and workers. Proper training and a culture built around safety-first tactics is required. Employees that feel safe and protected are also going to more easily follow rules, have […]
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OSHA Offering $10.5M to Help with Workplace Safety

Safety training for the workplace is a must regardless of the industry. To ensure that workers have a safe environment each day, OSHA puts strict compliance guidelines in place that workplaces must adhere to or risk fines and penalties. Everything from offering proper training for employees to performing regular maintenance and quality checks at the […]
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Why You Should Invest in Workplace First Aid Training

With the high risk for fines, lawsuits and serious injury in the workplace, it’s important to focus on prevention. To do so, ongoing, consistent training is key. Not only will the investment help protect your business, it will also improve employee morale. First, you’ll want to assess your workplace conditions. Depending if you work at […]
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loading dock

Loading Dock Safety Tips

Working in dangerous industries comes with a unique set of rules that must be followed to protect workers from harm. From protective gear to safety training and compliance rules, businesses that have loading docks must comply at all times. The nature of this work, with so many moving parts, heavy crates, and containers as well […]
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Work Exhaustion Is a Serious Problem

In today’s demanding and fast pace business landscape employers are tasked with pushing the limits of efficiency and doing more with less. On the receiving end of these demands are employees who worried about becoming unemployed are overworking themselves and reducing their productivity as a result and costing the company more money in the long […]
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