Emergency Lights


If the power goes out because of an earthquake, thunderstorm, or another natural event, you could be left in the dark, possibly for days. Be prepared to get around safely at your Southern California home, business, or school in the event of a power outage. SoCal First Aid® offers a selection of emergency lighting products, including flashlights, lanterns, batteries, emergency candles, waterproof matches, and lightsticks.


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Emergency Candles

10 emergency candles


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Multi-Purpose Flashlight

multipurpose flashlight


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28 LED Flashlight

28 led aluminum body flashlight


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2d Cell Economy Flashlights

2d cell economy flashlights


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8 LED Emergency Multi-Purpose Flashlight

8 led emergency flashlight


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Flashlight – Shake

shake flashlight


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Yellow 2D-cell Industrial Flashlight

yellow industrial flashlight


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Lightstick 6″ Green, Pack of 10

snaplight light stick


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U-Tube Floating Lantern

u-tube floating lantern


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