Being prepared for an emergency requires more than having food, water, and flashlights. If a natural disaster strikes, you might not be able to shower or use your toilet. In that case, you will need to be prepared with emergency sanitation supplies. SoCal First Aid® offers a line of emergency sanitation equipment, including portable toilets, toilet deodorant, antimicrobial wipes, towelettes, tissues, toothbrushes, and toothpaste to keep you clean and comfortable until sanitation services are restored.


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Bio-Blue Toilet Deodorant

bio-blue toilet deodorant


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Toothbrush Kit

toothbrush kit


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PAWS Antimicrobial Wipes

antimicrobial wipes


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PDI Nice Clean Towelettes

pdi nice clean towelettes


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Portable Toilet

portable toilet


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Bucket Style Portable Toilet

bucket-style portable toilet


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Privacy Shelter

privacy shelter


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Replacement Toilet Bags

replacement toilet bags


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Tissue Pack

tissue pack


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Disposable Compressed Towel

disposable compressed towels


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