If a natural disaster, such as an earthquake, occurs, you might not be able to stay in your Southern California home. Be prepared with an emergency shelter from SoCal First Aid®. You can stay safe from the elements in a tube tent or outdoor shelter with a tarp, a sleeping/survival bag, and Mylar blankets. Keep warm with heat packs or hand warmers and stay dry under a poncho with hood.


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Emergency Mylar Blanket

emergency mylar blanket


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10’x12′ Blue Poly Tarp

blue poly tarp


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Mylar Sleeping/Survival Bag

emergency mylar survival bag


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Heat Packs / Hand Warmers

heat packs hand warmers


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Poncho w/Hood

emergency poncho with hood


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Privacy Shelter

privacy shelter


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Outdoor Shelter

emergency shelter


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Tube Tent

tube tent


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