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What would you do if someone in your workplace or school had a sudden cardiac incident? When severe cardiac events occur, every second counts, and as fast as EMT’s can be, they often arrive too late. The solution? Don’t be a bystander: learn to become a competent first respondent.

What You’ll Learn From Our CPR / AED Class

Our classes are half lecture / presentation, half hands-on activity training, and 100% fun! Taught by OSHA-certified instructors, our classes are designed to give you the practical skills needed to handle cardiac emergencies like a professional. Read on to find out what each aspect of the curriculum entails.

Part 1: An Overview of First Aid Best Practices

This isn’t some boring college lecture. We’ll kick things off with a spirited discussion about the importance of first aid safety. Once we set the stage for the topics at hand, we’ll explain how you should react during a variety of stressful scenarios. How stressful? We’ll teach you how to save people from choking, blood loss, and other injuries.

Part 2: Hands-On Training

After the lecture, you’ll be practicing CPR on a manikin. Don’t worry, we’ll be with you every step of the way, but our ultimate goal is for you to be able to perform these actions without our supervision. During the hands-on portion of the class, you’ll learn proper CPR technique, such as how to properly deliver rescue breaths and compression pumps. Last but not least, we’ll teach you how to operate a an automated external defibrillator (AED).

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