Fall Protection


If you run a Southern California business where there is a danger of employees falling, such as a construction or roofing company, you need to provide your workers with OSHA-approved safety equipment. SoCal First Aid® offers a series of supplies that can keep employees safe if they should fall on the job. Our harnesses, self-retracting lanyards, braking systems, and connector straps can effectively prevent potentially catastrophic on-the-job injuries.


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Shock Absorbing Lanyard

shock absorbing lanyard


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Fall Protection Kit

fall protection kit


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MSA Dyna-Brake

msa dyna-brake


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MSA Technacurv® Full Body Harness

full body harness


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MSA Dyna-Lock® SRL

msa dyna-lock


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Self Retracting Lanyard

self retracting lanyard


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PointGuard® Anchorage Connector Strap

anchorage connector strap


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