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Breathing contaminants can cause illness and possibly long-term respiratory damage. If your employees are exposed to dust, chemicals, or other potentially hazardous airborne particles on the job, OSHA requires that you provide them with protective equipment. SoCal First Aid® provides Southern California businesses with full and half mask respirators, disposable face and dust masks, and accessories such as filter replacements. We also offer OSHA safety and compliance training including respirator test fittings. Keep your employees safe with this vital protective equipment, used properly.


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3M Disposable Masks

3m disposable masks


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Respirator Cartridges & Filters

advantage respirator cartridges and filters


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Bitrex and Saccharin Fit Test

batrix saccharin fit test


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N95 Particulate Mask with Valve

n95 particulate respirator mask


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Moldex 2300 Particulate Respirator

moldex 2300 particulate respirator


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Moldex 2850 Respirator Locker

moldex 2850 respirator locker


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Moldex 2200 Dust & Mist Respirator

moldex 2200 dust respirator


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MSA Advantage 3200 Full-Face Respirator

respirator test fitting


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MSA Advantage 200LS Half-Mask Respirator

200ls half mask respirator


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N95 Particulate Mask

n95 particulate mask


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Nuisance Dust Mask

nuisance dust mask


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Safety Wipes

safety wipes


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