Eyewash & Wall Stations


Employees who work in environments where they are exposed to dust, chemicals, debris, and other airborne contaminants run the risk of getting these substances in their eyes. If that happens, the particles need to be flushed out of the eyes immediately to avoid pain and irritation that could possibly lead to impaired vision. Southern California businesses where employees could be exposed to eye irritants should be equipped with eye wash stations, eye drops, and lens cleaning wipes and stations.


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Eye Drops

eye drops


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Eye Wash

eye wash


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Eye & Skin Buffered Flushing Solution

eye skin buffered flushing solution


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Eyewash Station

eyewash station


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Water Treatment Additive

water treatment additive


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Lens Cleaning Station

lens cleaning station


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Metal Lens Cleaning Station

metal lens cleaning station


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OcuFresh Eye Shower

ocufresh eye shower


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Eye Dressing Packet

eye dressing packet


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Lens Cleaning Wipes

lens cleaning wipes


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Emergency Eye & Skin Wash

emergency eye and skin flushing startion


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PureFlow 1000

pureflow 1000 emergency eyewash station


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Gravity Fed Eyewash & Transport Cart

gravity fed eyewash and transport cart


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Visine Pure Tears Eye Drops

visine pure tears eye drops


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Eye & Skin Flushing Stations

eye and skin flushing stations


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Faucet-Mount Eyewash

faucet mount eyewash


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